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Pilates and Yoga in Japan

Mindful Movement opening your mind and body.

About us

Enjoy the change in yourself.

The concept of zen place is to "learn".
We have condensed and updated what we have learned from around the world to provide lessons of overwhelmingly high quality.
We provide a place where people who take lessons at zen place become aware of the connection between their mind and body and the changes they are experiencing, and where more and more people are able to fill their minds and bodies and live a richer life.

Why choose zen place

Delivering the world's most advanced know-how in a condensed and refined form

We are collaborating with various educational organizations in Europe and the United States, leading countries in Pilates, Yoga, and Well-being.

For Pilates, we have partnered with BASI Pilates, the largest provider of Pilates teacher training courses, which is held in over 30 countries around the world. More than 10 instructors from around the world visit Japan every year (currently online) for training.
We also provide educational programs from Balanced Body, the largest provider of Pilates equipment.

For Yoga, we have partnered with YogaWorks, the oldest yoga school in the U.S. and the one that has produced the most famous teachers.

An overwhelming number of lessons to fit your lifestyle.

We have more than 100 studios, mainly in major cities in Japan including Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Fukuoka.
Lessons are available from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., making it possible to take lessons almost all day long.
You can take lessons at your favorite time and place near your home, on your way home from work, or on a business trip. You can take lessons at your favorite time and place.

A wealth of learning opportunities, including workshops and training courses

The more you know, the more your awareness will change.

With zen place academy, we offer a variety of learning opportunities for people who would like to learn more deeply. More than 200 workshops are held yearly about Yoga, Pilates and bodywork.
Many workshops are held by english-speaking international instructors.

Whole Body Educator
to help you find your ideal

At zen place, we do not refer to our instructors as instructors, but as Whole Body Educators. They do not stop at giving lessons, but carefully monitor the condition of each person's body during the lesson and guide them to use their body correctly.
The educators are all energetic and lively through Pilates. They are the kind of people who can give you energy just by meeting them.


zen place pilates

zen place pilates

We have more than 600 certified Pilates instructors. And they provide the most-advanced service. You can take a Real Pilates lesson, and then you will have a beautiful posture, supple body and positive mental attitude.

zen place yoga

zen place yoga

We are a community resource offering a variety of Yoga classes, all with the intention of laying the groundwork for people to learn themselves. You can get bodily and also mental well-being.

zen place academy

zen place academy

We have more than 200 workshops about Yoga, Pilates and bodywork. Many workshops are held by english-speaking international instructors.


We have more than 100 studios in all major cities across Japan.

Studio List


We offer variety of Group Lessons and Private Lessons.


Group Lesson


This lesson is highly recommended for a beginner.


Group Lesson


This lesson is highly recommended who go a step beyond.


Private Lesson


A special lesson just for you!

Trial Lesson


We offer memberships and tickets. You can go to any studio within the same grade.



QI've never done pilates and yoga before, can I still do it?
AYes, our lessons are for all levels! If you are not used to do some exercise, we recommend to start with our Pre-Beginner group lessons, or Private lessons.
QWhat should I bring?
APlease prepare the following for the day.
Pilates, room temperature yoga
・Comfortable clothes (T-shirt, half pants, leggings, etc.)
No shoes needed
・Towel to wipe off sweat
・A water server or water will be available for purchase at some stores

Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates, Hot HIIT
・Comfortable clothes (T-shirt, half pants, spats, etc.)
No shoes needed
・Towel for wiping sweat
・At least 1 liter of water
・Bath towel for shower
・Underwear change
Water is available for purchase, and rental towels are available for a fee
QHow to book a class?
AYou can search English-Speaking instructors here. You can make a reservation from this page.
QHow to Change/Cancel?
AYou can Change/Cancel lessons on your ”my page”.

Our vision

Be One With YourselfBe One With Yourself

Through our expertise and skills in mindful movement, we work directly with the mind to restore the beauty of you.

We create your true state of being: a positive mind, a vibrant, beautiful, healthy body, and rich relationships.

We use science and research to create a place where people can meet their true selves and expand the chain of happiness in society.

Trial Lesson